8 Aug

The Benefits of a New Build

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When most consumers prepare to launch into a new home search, they typically reach toward the pre-existing property market, whether through real estate websites, with the assistance of agents, or even via self-guided tours of established communities. It is less common for those same consumers to tap into local builders' resources and the benefits of new home construction.

Why is that? The thought of building a brand new home is often overshadowed by myths involving budget-busting surprises, bottlenecked communication, or stalled schedules.

JSJ Builders has spent nearly two decades dispelling those myths while working with its clients, from start to finish, to construct perfect properties across central North Carolina.

The reality is that new construction has a long list of compelling reasons to give home buyers a reason to pause before choosing which path to take on their journey.

Perhaps the most taxing part of purchasing a pre-existing home is knowing that other buyers compete for the same, limited-inventory properties. Bidding wars are as common as they are stressful - leading to heartbreak if one lands on the losing end. With a newly built home, each step in the purchase is dedicated to a single consumer, removing any rush to make a forced offer (for fear of missing out), follow-up stress to see if that offer is accepted, or buyer's remorse in wondering if the home was the best possible choice.

Many older homes seem charming from the outside but hide bad news beneath the surface. Common discoveries may be lead paint, asbestos, or mold, all expensive to resolve and could potentially cause serious health issues. Testing for these items is not typically included in standard home inspections, which may leave homeowners fully moved in before realizing that, by purchasing an older home, they have inadvertently added a significant renovation to their future.

Opting for a new build eliminates that possibility. Homes are always move-in ready, and depending on the contract, options to choose wall color or cabinet hardware may still be available.

Those in the market to buy a home aren't always equipped to navigate the world of constantly changing building codes. Many pre-existing homes have drifted into a gray area of energy efficiency regarding electrical systems, may have outdated pipes handling water and sewage, or lack sufficient insulation for the current geographic elements. On paper, it may seem a financial win to buy a pre-existing property, but that could change rather quickly with the surprise cost of a needed replacement to an HVAC system or the discovery of a roof that will not make it quite as many years as budgeted.

JSJ Builders educates itself on the most energy-efficient extras for its new homes, offering options for every budget. This gives each buyer peace of mind, knowing they are starting with brand new equipment and moving into a healthy home that meets the most current building codes. With all new appliances, maintenance should remain minimal for several years after move-in, and there will be no need to start planning upgrades to existing systems.

With a new build, buyers know every detail of their home from day one, right down to the number and location of the electrical outlets. There is little chance of unforeseen maintenance issues or hidden costs showing themselves once the keys are transferred. One of the highlights of a new build is the warranty, which JSJ Builder prides itself on, standing behind its work long after its clients have taken ownership.

Resale value is undoubtedly not something potential homeowners want to contemplate while still within the purchase process, but it is worth considering. New home builds have a history of holding a higher value on resale than homes purchased as pre-existing. This makes sense, of course, as all elements of a newly built home start "on-trend" and remain younger than their pre-existing counterparts. Appliances, fixtures, water systems, and smart home features are all synced with an easily defined installation date. There are also clear records of the home's layout and history available for future owners, something not typically available in older homes.

New home builds have been the focus of the JSJ Builders team for nearly two decades as it has built its reputation on working within both the timeframe and budget of its clients.

Reach out today and let JSJ Builders implement a plan for your brand new home.


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