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Welcome Home, Welcome to Hope Mills

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Welcome to Hope Mills and welcome to your new JSJ Builders home.

Where is Hope Mills?

Hope Mills is located in western Cumberland County, NC, and proudly serves as JSJ Builders' latest addition to new build locations. JSJ Builders will make a beautiful addition to Sheffield Farms North’s single family homes beginning soon.

Hope Mills is a quaint southern town, just outside Fayetteville, NC, the origins of which are typically traced back to our country's reliance on various trade industries throughout the 1800s. Going back further in time and one will discover that the area was initially settled by Highlanders relocating from Scotland years prior, choosing to make their homes close to the nearby waterways and rivers.

Little Rockfish Creek was a popular stopping point for those early travelers as it provided an ideal spot to build a lumber camp and fashion pottery ovens along its banks. This is no surprise as the Hope Mills area sits quite close to Seagrove, NC, known today as the pottery capital of the world. It turns out those settlers were onto something as the region’s high-quality clay and abundance of wood were a perfect combination for creating kiln-dried wares. And so, it was this community that organized the first permanent settlement on Little Rockfish Creek in 1789.

Moving into the next century, the settlement called Little Rockfish began to change direction as the textile industry began to take off. By the mid-1800s, the first cotton mill (Rockfish Factory) was built, producing more revenue for the state than any other cotton mill in North Carolina. A sister mill (Bluff) was built nearby and businesses supporting both were known as Rockfish Factory Village. 

The village and business suffered extensive damage in the Civil War, bringing the mills to a standstill until 1872 when the Rockfish Manufacturing Company rebuilt, replaced, renovated, and reopened - this time under the name Hope Mill.

Today, Hope Mills mixes its small stature, at only 7 square miles, with endless activities for its residents. Hope Mills Municipal Park covers 28 acres with athletic fields, a walking trail, picnic shelters, a skate park, a dog park, and several sports courts. Hope Mills Lake (created over two hundred years ago to provide electric power to the mills) is open for boating, swimming, and fishing. Shopping in the historic downtown area means supporting small businesses as most are owned or managed by residents local to the Hope Mills area.

Hope Mills offers quiet, country living side-by-side with convenience to restaurants, shopping, and businesses. And, with quick access to Fort Bragg’s All-American gate, just 25 minutes away, our nation’s finest can spend more time at their new Sheffield Farms North home.

Here in Hope Mills, new residents quickly become part of the community. With a new JSJ Builders’ property in Sheffield Farms.


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