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Triangle Heaven: March Madness

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A funny thing happened last month when the Carolina Hurricanes hosted an NHL Stadium Series game. As seems to be the norm, there were many who questioned the Triangle’s ability to host such a massive sporting event with success - either financially or operationally - including the NHL itself. After all, the outdoor hockey game would require the transformation of an expansive college football stadium into a professional-grade icerink with three times the seating of the team’s regular arena.


For those who don’t live within cheering distance of this sports-obsessed area, there is often a misunderstanding of just how passionate its residents are for all things athletic.


For those who do live in central North Carolina, it is truly sports heaven.


Tobacco Road is often thought to reference the rivalry between the basketball teams of the University of North Carolina and Duke University but the term actually has a much broader history. Prior to 1956, the term referenced the “big four” of UNC, Duke, North Carolina State, and Wake Forest University. The schools were located within 25 miles of each other, sharing the same competitive conferences and consistently challenging one another for bragging rights. Though Wake Forest moved to Winston-Salem in 1956, the rivalries have remained firm as the tally of national championships has risen above 75 between the big four, across multiple sports.

While the stands are packed with supporters year-round, March is the month that most consider the highlight of the year as March Madness settles in. While the basketball season comes to a close for many teams across the nation, the Triangle greets tournament time enthusiastically. It is not uncommon for restaurants and bars to be packed mid-day during the conference championships as appointments and meetings are canceled in preference of pompoms. Even teachers and professors offer leeway as assignments are brushed off in favor of bracket analytics.

And when the NCAA Tournament begins? All hopes of productivity are often tossed as Triangle residents buckle down to watch games from noon to midnight for days and weeks in a row. Yes, the focus will always be on its hometown teams, but this area’s love for the big tournament also sends fans scurrying to select secondary teams to urge through the coming rounds. This is a place that loves the underdog and many fans latch onto their own Cinderella in the early games.

Yes, March is a special month in the Triangle area and JSJ Builders is among those companies that spend much of the month checking scores. With local colleges and universities sprinkled throughout central North Carolina, JSJ Builders offers opportunities for homeowners to have their pick of which stable of games, matches, meets, or tournaments they’d love most to call local. With designs geared to the buyer’s specifications, including spacious kitchens and living areas, hosting gameday parties is an easy lay-up for residents of JSJ’s numerous neighborhoods.

With such close proximity to the big four and numerous additional colleges and universities, the road to higher education has endless options for residents. With three HCBUs, multiple seminaries, and one of the largest women’s colleges in the country this area offers surrounding companies an outstanding pool of graduates year after year. Technical schools and community colleges are also included in the over 100,000 students that call the Triangle their educational home.

But how to decide where to lay down university roots? With homes for sale in Angier, Clayton, Erwin, Hope Mills, Wendell, and Smithfield it is impossible to go wrong. Each of the JSJ Builder new home communities offer easy access to major highways which means getting to the game will never be as stressful as watching from the stands. And, for those ready to go the distance to those big tournaments, a flight from RDU is always just down the road.

As for that NHL Stadium Game? The entirety of over 55,000 tickets was sold out in less than five minutes. The city turned the game into a week-long event with concerts, an alumni game, and a tailgate party that made those original Caniacs beam with pride. The stadium remained true to its football floorplan by offering a huge section of seating for students and Ripken the Batdog, typically seen retrieving Wolfpack kickoff tees or Durham Bulls baseball bats, was borrowed to drop the puck.

In other words, the Triangle showed, once again, that this is the place to live if you have a love of sports. Contact JSJ Builders to score the perfect place to call your sports home today!


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