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Super Bowl Party Score!

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Moving into a new neighborhood is as exciting as it is exhausting. As those final boxes get unpacked, many people shift their focus to meeting fellow residents of their gorgeous community. For those who are still on the hunt for the perfect reason to host a get-together, there is no better opportunity than February’s Super Bowl. Whether a fan of a featured team, a connoisseur of those fabulous commercials, or simply a foodie, a Super Bowl party offers an event that will leave every attendee happy.


Though the teams have yet to be locked in for the NFL season’s biggest game, it’s not too early to start planning a soiree. In fact, when it comes to the Super Bowl, the earlier the better for preparation. Grocery stores and restaurants alike are already taking gameday orders. Now is the time to map out a menu! Traditional spreads will include the five most popular made-for-football-viewing foods:

  1. Chili: Chili is easily the biggest winner when it comes to a Super Bowl party. It can be assembled in advance and kept warm all day long in a crockpot. Fixings become accessories spread out along your home’s beautiful island and allow each guest to create a custom bowl of goodness.
  2. Chicken Wings: Many opt to order wings locally but, if you do, plan on reheating them just before guests arrive. Ask the restaurant for recommendations on temperature! This will also allow you to pick up your order early, avoiding the late rush. Choose a variety of flavors and don’t forget the side of celery!
  3. Spinach Artichoke Dip: While Spinach Artichoke Dip ranks as the favorite, Buffalo Chicken Dip and 7-Layer Dip are often next in line when it comes to picking a winner for the table. Whether you serve one or multiple dips, do offer a variety of vehicles such as tortillas, pretzels, or sliced vegetables.
  4. Pizza: Pizza is another great option if you prefer to order ahead and let someone else handle the heavy lifting. Again, plan on reheating your pies as game time nears and order a variety of toppings. Another option is providing plain pizzas among a build-your-own toppings bar. Just leave the oven on at a low temperature for guests to heat their creations before digging in.
  5. Pigs-in-a-Blanket: A truly underrated menu must is pig-in-a-blanket. This is another option that can be assembled ahead of time and cooked in shifts throughout your event. Get creative with dips! Think beyond ketchup to specialty mustards, relishes, or a local barbecue sauce.

JSJ Builders’ custom homes have generous, open floorplans, making set-up for a soiree fairly simple. Long sightlines mean guests will be able to easily locate drink stations, cutlery, or an empty seat. If worried that there won’t be enough flat surfaces for plates or drinks, get creative! Stop by a local thrift shop to grab a few end tables and cover them with festive football tablecloths. Or, grab a few of those recently emptied packing bins and transform them into temporary coffee tables. Invest in a few extra trash collectors so that your kitchen bin doesn’t become overfilled too quickly.


The chances that your favorite football team won’t be playing in the Super Bowl are high as the majority of those gridiron rosters end their season before the New Year. That doesn’t mean your competitive spirit has to take a break. While most hosts offer a football pool, there are other ways to engage guests. 

  • Create bingo boards to track in-game fouls or commercial products.
  • Offer prizes for the best spirit wear.
  • Print Gameday Prediction sheets and tally up who got the most correct, such as which player will score the first touchdown or what songs will grace the halftime show.
  • Design word scrambles from players’ names.

Decorating for a Super Bowl Party can be wrapped up in just a few trips to local stores. Pick up some faux grass at the hardware and use it for coasters or to turn your service table into a football field. Swing by a discount store for city-themed decor as a nod to each team’s origin. You might even make some simple banners in team colors to hang from windows or railings!


As you are planning your Super Bowl party, don’t be shy! Invitees often ask what they can bring and it is perfectly acceptable to have a list at the ready. An extra crockpot is an excellent addition, deserts tend to be forgotten until the last minute, and it is always better to have too many chairs than too few.


Residents of JSJ Builders’ homes enjoy custom-built floorplans in both Raleigh and Fayetteville communities. Relocating within this area means embracing southern charm and quickly finding new friends in new neighborhoods. The Super Bowl offers the perfect event to gather together and celebrate!



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