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It’s Always the Perfect Time for Spring Cleaning!

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While we often associate the arrival of warm weather with spring cleaning, there is never a wrong time for this full home refresh. And, with a quick calendar update, your hard work can pay off all year round. The main ingredients for a deep clean and organization? Patience, time, and planning. Think of this lengthy task as an ongoing work in progress. Once the bulk of the work is complete, simply schedule a few hours each month to maintain this rewarding investment of your time.


Before you begin, walk from room to room and formulate a plan for each space. Bring along a notebook and dedicate a few pages to each area as you note what needs attention, potential storage options, and how long you anticipate the cleaning/decluttering portion of this project to take. You might even create a tote of needed cleaning supplies so that you can easily find and transport them as you move from room to room. Doing this pre-work provides realistic expectations, time to collect needed materials, and an ability to make a date with each room–all ways to avoid frustration or even giving up.


Ready to begin?



  • Start by approaching each space with three piles in mind: Keep, Donate, or Toss. As you decide, ask yourself if you love an item or forgot you even had it. It may be fun to rediscover long-forgotten items but, truthfully, you probably can give it away! Donations are a terrific idea if items are gently used but well-used items can head straight to the garbage can.
  • Set aside your “Keep” pile while you give the space a deep clean. Dust shelves, ceiling fans, and entertainment units. Wash windows before wiping down windowsills and baseboards. Degrease cabinets or doors (if applicable). Finally, vacuum thoroughly, including under or behind furniture.

Now that you have a freshly cleaned space, it’s time to embrace the fun of organization!



  • Purchase bins or baskets that you love! If they are aesthetically pleasing, you will be much more likely to continue using them.
  • Use clear bins for hidden storage spaces such as pantries or closets and baskets for visible areas such as living room shelves. For bins that won’t be front and center, label each clearly to eliminate endless digging for a needed item down the road.
  • Go high! Floating shelves, hanging pot racks, or even above-the-doorway shelving are all terrific ways to create more space while organizing. In the garage, opt for wall systems, peg boards, or vertical bike hangers.
  • Multi-purpose furniture is a great investment! An ottoman with built-in storage is the perfect place to store board games, books, or remote controls. There are even couches that contain pop-up hiding spaces for cozy blankets.

Be creative by thinking outside the (storage) box:

  • In bathrooms, a vertical shoe holder is a great way to store hairbrushes, lotions, and other often-used items out of site as they hang behind the door.
  • Tension rods are terrific under sinks as spray bottles can be stored above prime cabinet space. How? Simply hang them by their nozzles!
  • Tired of tracking down lost linens? Fold sheet sets neatly before tucking them within one of their accompanying pillowcases.
  • Lost plastic lids are a challenge in nearly every kitchen. An easy solution is to store them all together by attaching a wall pocket file holder inside the appropriate cabinet.

There are few things more rewarding for homeowners than those days immediately following a thorough cleaning and organization project. Rooms smell fresh, are free from clutter, and often look bigger as their true size is revealed. It is a feeling worth holding onto! To do so, put a recurring calendar invite dedicated to touching up that hard work. Invite the entire household to these power hours–the more hands, the better!


We all know that a clean, clutter-free home is nice to look at, but it is also a plus for mental health. Studies have shown that clean and orderly spaces can lift your mood, boost your productivity, and create a sense of calm and control over your environment. If that sounds like a sanctuary, you are right!


As JSJ Builders’ newest residents settle into their gorgeous new homes, they are discovering a variety of organizational solutions. From the perfect pantry to numerous closets to garages with ample storage space, the team at JSJ Builders understands that today’s homeowners require such options. Thinking of improving your own space? Reach out to JSJ Builders today to find the floor plan in an amazing new community!


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